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Related post: Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 18:09:40 +0100 From: Gerry Taylor Subject: The Reluctant Retrainer - Chapter 21 - underage dui Gay - AuthoritarianThis is the 21st chapter of The Reluctant Retrainer, part underage 14 movies two of a trilogy of novels of gay sex.Keywords: authority, control, slavery, punishment, re-training, submission, loyaltyThis story is entirely a work of fiction and all rights to it and its characters underage gay tgp are copyright and private to and reserved by the author. No reproduction by anyone for any reason whatsoever is permitted.If you are underage to read this kind of material or if this material will be unlawful for you to read where your live, please leave his webpage now.Contact points: eMail: gerrytaylor78hotmail.com Web: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Erotic_Gay_StoriesThe Reluctant Retrainer by Gerry TaylorChapter 21 -- CalHal Thiecke, the dentist, had done his magic towards the end of underage girl photos November and into the first fortnight of December. Sixteen slaves ended up with the most perfect sets of white film star teeth this side of either Bollywood or Hollywood.I had filled him in on some of my plans and how I really wanted him to live at Palace from early in the new year to cater for the arrival of those extra slaves who would be coming to complete the teams necessary for reclaiming and cultivating the lands of litle underage pussy the Lime Palace. Even working his magic on one slave a day would leave him hard pressed to cater for the numbers which I felt would be arriving.Again, he quizzed me as to why I was spending so much time and effort and clearly, money, on the health of the slaves. I replied that it was as much a long-term investment as it was psychological.If sluts underage youg underage girls a slave felt well treated, he would be that much for faithful, more content, seeing himself held in the esteem of the Master. There were a lot of reasons which I did not fully elaborate.Hal demurred on the offer pedo underage dark to live at the Lime Palace. He had a contract with the university hospital and he had a list of client as long as your arm, which included everyone who was anyone in Dahra including the Sheik. However, he thought he might have a solution to the problem.A young dentist, just beginning his career in Baltimore in the US, had treated a patient who ilegal underage nudity had died in the chair on him during a long dental treatment. The patient, a lady, had had a heart attack arising from a heart condition of which she, and indeed her own doctor, had not known.But it was the stigma of the matter. Baltimore is not a large city, and it had created a furore. The young dentist was severely reprimanded under a number of headings by the State dental board, on a mind boggling list of trivia, not directly related to underage porno xxx the incident - including ventilation in the dental surgery -- that it was underage beastiality clear they were looking as much to the bad publicity of the death and the over-officiousness of own bureaucracy and underage daughter a damage limitation public relations exercise.The young dentist had been in contact with Hal Thiecke prior to underage drinking accidents death of his patient because he was very taken up with Hal's new one-day capping treatment which had appeared in two dental magazines.It was natural that when the furore 14y teen underage arose that the young dentist turned to Hal for advice and help. Hal had told him to come to Dahra for two years until matters had settled down.So, if I wanted to a sex underage nude live-in bestiality underage sex dentist on the grounds of the Lime Palace, Hal thought he had underaged natural nudes my uncensored underage pictures man. I said to Hal that if the bondage sex underage new chap worked out, Hal could stay on as some sort of consultant on a yearly retainer and fill in for holidays and the like. He seemed very amenable to that idea.I genuinely liked Hal and I got the impression that he did not mix much with the ex-pat American crowd, small and all that it was in Dahra. In fact, if the truth be told, I think he quite liked the environment of the Lime angel free underage Palace and Flavio's cooking.The new dentist, Cal Thorson, arrived when Hal Thiecke said he would. He arrived ill at ease and anxious. He was twenty eight years old with a first in dentistry from one of the best schools teen underage pics on the American east coast. His blond chiselled features and his clean cut look and build of a quarterback made him kiddy underage nude quite handsome. But he was ebony underage girls very nervous. I tried to put him at his ease.`Sir Jonathan, Hal did not really fill me in other than saying you wanted to hire a dentist as an employee. sexy underage asian He would not say really much more other than it was for your employees and that you pay well. He said you have some farms.'`Hal is very discreet. May I ask how you know him?'The question seemed to make him less tense and more relaxed.`Hal has really pioneered nude underage this one-day capping technique which is extraordinary. I read all his published papers on it, including one he wrote last year from here under age dating in Dahra. As I think it has great potential, I contacted him about it by illegal underage schoolgirls eMail. Then when another incest underage stories problem arose, I let him know of my hardcore underage pics difficulties and underaged girls xxx he invited me out to look at the possibility of me working for him until matters cooled down in the States.'`What tiny underage pussy salary were you expecting from him?'Cal looked a bit taken aback at my directness, but said `Well, after what had underaged preloita happened to me -- I think Hal filled you in -- I was hoping for something around ten or twelve thousand dollar a months until the situation improved. I will have to get myself some place to stay here in Dahra.'`Oh, that's such forbidden underage rape a pity, Cal. That salary is out of the question for the work we have in mind here.'I could not help but wind him up a little.`I could, Sir Jonathan, take a cut in the salary until you saw the quality of my work. I really am a very good dentist, I think you can be sure of that or else Hal Thiecke would not be even talking to me or giving me a recommendation to you.'I could see the beginnings of a light perspiration on his upper lip, thought the room was quite cool. underage blowjob pics Nervous he was indeed and while he clearly needed the job, there was a self-imposed limit below which he might not wish to underaged angels young go.The young dentist had arrived late evening underage tiny angels and had come though the main front entrance legal underaged modeling to the Palace were Aziz had seen him in.I said, `Cal, where are my manners? You will stay for dinner.'Before he could protest, underage asian girl I called Aziz whom I saw walking by the courtyard.`Aziz, please tell Flavio that dinner is for two, and our guest will be staying the night.'Aziz floated off and Cal Thorson started to object, `It will be late when we finish talking and if you take underagehandjobs some wine with dinner, I don't want you driving back to the capital for over an hour in the dark and you under the influence.'`Now, back to where we were. You have misunderstood what I am on about here. There is a reasonably sized living quarters' with the job. The job is such that it is better the dentist will live here. At the moment, we have many here whom I want treated with Hal Thiecke's new naked kids underage capping treatment as you so describe it. I am not a dentist, but that covers it adequately. Are you able underage pono pics to copy his treatment?'Cal's mouth dropped open. `I thought that this would be like some sort of in-house dentist job for routine dental hygiene on some large farm you had or something. Hal did not say what it was. And yes, I can copy Hal's technique.'`Cal, I need one of the best dentists in the world to treat me and my `employees' as your term them. And by the way, the tax free underage black pussy salary is a quarter of a million euro a year, plus various fringe benefits.'I left him with his mouth open as I clapped my hands and Aziz came back in.`Aziz, first tell, Bob to come here and to bring us some of his famous long lime drinks for the heat, and then I need to know something.'He went off for a second to deliver the order to underage models yo Bob. Aziz was back immediately.`Now, tell me Aziz who has not yet been given dental treatment? There are the two Poles I know of, are there not? And there's SÚrgio, isn't there? Who is around? I underaged sex movie want to show the good dentist here something.'`Master, the Poles are not yet back underage blonde girl from the underage horny teens fields they were doing something with Stan at the reservoir, but SÚrgio is working upstairs. I shall have him underage beastiality porn come down.'As Aziz disappeared Bob arrived with the drinks. It was my way of telling Cal Thorson that my `employees' were different to any he naked underage sex might have treated swedish underage porn previous. Bob, little underaged girls as a slave, came in with his tray of drinks, totally naked.Cal Thorson did not know where to look and finally looked at me, who had not taken my eyes off this underage thi girls face.`Cal, my Palace is staffed by slaves. I need your services as a dentist for myself, my managers -- we call them overseers here - and my slaves.'He was floundering with hentai underage bondage the surprise of it all.`Bob,' I said, `kneel down beside the dentist underage porn german please and show him your teeth.'Now, Bob the Canadian slave, is all of 6 foot underage kiddy bbs 4 and beautifully built at about 90kgs. There is not an ounce of fat on him after nine months house and fieldwork and a daily gym program. As he knelt down beside Cal, his three and a half inch flaccid underage butts cock lay down between his legs splayed open wide, its proportions highlighted by the trimmed pubic hair of his genital area. All of this contrasted against an all body tan.Bob opened his mouth just beside Cal and went on download underage pussy a kneeling `display' position with his hands behind his head. His muscled arms spread wide showed perfect armpits with their trimmed axiliar underage thai sex hair, giving off the slightest whiff of natural manly body scent which just barely wafted its away to me.Cal swallowed once or twice and then took Bob's underage adult cartoons jaw gently to look at Hal Thiecke's work. `This is simply, simply beautiful,' was what Cal said.Whether it was the closeness of underage teen voyeur his face, or the touch of his fingers on Bob's jaw, or the scent of his after-shave -- you must remember that slaves live in what is really a scent-free environment -- but sex underaged porn I thought that I could see that Bob was getting a hard on. His flaccid penis was beginning to rise to underage tenns all of its six-inches. Oh, yes it was. That I could now see for definite.Cal, despite his close examination of Bob's teeth could african underage girls not have failed to notice the erection either. The proof that he did was in the blush coming across his face.Finally, he swallowed hard and said, `This is quite definitely Hal Thiecke's work. I can even see one procedure here which he has pioneered.'`O.K. Bob off you go. Let us know when dinner is ready.'`Yes, Master.'As he was going out, SÚrgio arrived at a gallop, saying young girls underage `Sorry, Master, I was at the other end of the Palace.'If Bob is nice, SÚrgio with his fine Brazilian features and dark looks is stunning, and looking at Cal Thorson, I saw what the Italians describe as `fulmine' -- the lightning bolt of love, which smites a lover.`SÚrgio, kneel over beside the dentist and open underage teenies naked your mouth.'`Yes, Master.'On his knees besides Cal, SÚrgio looked like a faun out of a forest. His soft brown doe-like underage nude virgins eyes, which had seen him through half a dozen soft porn movies, were looking directly in the dentist's who girl xxx underage was holding his jaw and looking at a mouth in need of dental attention and hygiene. I did catch underage illegal pics Cal looking underage home litle down between SÚrgio's legs at one point and at SÚrgio's beautiful now lengthening eight-inch plus cock whose tip was just touching the floor between his open legs.`O.K., SÚrgio, back to your duties.'`Well, Cal, what do you think? Would you be interested in the job?'`Yes, Sir Jonathan, I would be very interested in the job. I see what Hal, Dr. Thiecke, has done, and I see what has to be done as in' -- `SÚrgio's' I prompted -- `SÚrgio's case. It would be a perfect career opportunity for me. Your salary offer is something I would not achieve nett in the US for at underage bath least another five years had things not come unstuck.'`Now, Cal, I want to make clear a couple of things, that is if you have no difficulty with the idea of slavery and being a dentist to underage fat pics slaves.'`Hal Thiecke wants, as indeed I want him to, to look in on your work each month. The perks are that you can fit out your quarters to underage incest videos your own taste. Just get cute american underage one of the stores in the capital to deliver what you choose. Holidays, you agree two months overall a year, and when you are away Hal fills in for you. I think we will have to get you an assistant to help schedule your appointments. illegal underage pictures How about SÚrgio being your first patient and your new assistant?'`There naked underage 100 is only one thing, slaves are naked at all times here. So I hope that won't be too distracting either with SÚrgio around, he is quite well hung and you will have indian underage nude to stop using that after-shave lotion as the smell causes erections. You don't want involuntary ejaculations of your patients in the chair, do you?'At this point, Cal Thorson was looking at me eyes wide-open.`And on the point of a underage gambling statistics dentist's chair and equipment, why don't you just copy a land version of what Hal Thiecke has in that mobile dental surgery of his? He can help you make a list of what you will need have delivered.'Cal was saved nonude underaged temporarily girls sexy underage from replying by Bob announcing that dinner was served.Dinner for the two of us was perfect and excellently waitered by Bob. I did however cause Cal to swallow down the wrong way, when I said that we usually went to bed early in the Aloe Palace, so as to allow the sex slaves or buddies to do their work. As he had met SÚrgio underage home cp that evening, I said that I would have him sent up. There was not a whimper of girls naked underaged complaint to that one, and I also sent up Jiri just for an hour as he was developing his lover's Ali's rimming technique quite well, and had an armpit technique quite his own.The following morning I was down early for breakfast and I saw SÚrgio come down tgp underage videos to get Cal a breakfast tray.I asked if our guest have a restful night, to which he replied with an impish grin, `Not before two o'clock, Master. He had never sucked a man before, but he is a fast learner. He said that he will be the dentist here.'`And what else did he say?'`That he will need an assistant', SÚrgio replied looking down at the ground and raped underage pics shifting from one foot to the other.`I wonder who could we get who would be interested in being his assistant, SÚrgio? Can you think of anyone? He might even have to be more than an assistant to him, but an assistant who would let him get to sleep before two in the morning.'SÚrgio looked at me under his eyebrows, started to grin and then gave me a `two thumbs up' sign like an Australian football umpire.`Are you always going to keep your dentist waiting for his breakfast like this,' I asked.He fled with a huge grin.Cal Thorson came to work for me and was not only a valuable dentist, but became in time a good friend. Over the period with me, he took a number of lovers from among the slaves to be his assistants or his playmates in bed. In fact, he and SÚrgio shared a lover for a time.There were two interesting features which kds underage incest developed over the years and the first was that Cal was intensely interested in new dental practice and underage underwear I have never underage pussy 10 know anybody to read up so much on a particular field, attending what he called mexico underage girls his `refresher courses' each January, where, at one of the US university, dentists from underage ukrainians all underage angel porn over came to talk about new procedures.Cal was very private about these courses and I only discovered when he let is slip sex underage videos one day, that upskirt free underage he had actually given one or two of the seminars himself on his own work and techniques.Curiously, I asked how he had got around the word `slaves' and he shyly said that he underaged teen model had tiny nymphs underage referred to them as `farm workers'.The second odd thing, well perhaps not odd but definitely strange thing, in Cal Thorsen's life was that on his first annual holidays, he went and married his childhood sweetheart in the States. She is underage ukraine boys in, what in the US they call, `real estate' inlegal porn underage -- she is a house and apartment auctioneer. His new wife had been underage model rompl living with her younger brother, Tom who had been in underage pictures fuck the Navy but discharged when he lost part of his leg in some form of accident.By underage nude models the time Cal's marriage, honeymoon and two-month holiday was up. His new wife was pregnant with their first child.Cal returned to Dahra and did not return to the US until his next annual holidays. His brother-in-law became effectively a surrogate husband to his own sister.After five summer holidays Cal Thorson had a wife happy in her career, five boys, a underage sweden girls stay-at- home brother-in-law who was worshipped by his nephews with all his Navy stories -- more yarns than stories, and Cal underage defloration photos had co-authored three papers on dental techniques with Hal Thiecke. During the remainder of the year in Dahra, he never contacted his US family except at Thanksgiving and Christmas.It was a strange compartmentalised arrangement but it worked for him.to be underage cartoons continued...
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